Handmade Fleece HandleTug
Dog Toys

If you've seen similar Handle Tugs you may notice that some of them are loosely braided, and the cut edges of the fleece are turned out. I make every effort to turn in the rough edges, and braid my tugs as tightly as possible, in order to make them durable and attractive.

All but a few of my tugs start with the same width fabrics, but there are often variations in length. All tugs are $6.00, unless otherwise noted after the item number.

I only purchase remnants, or sale fabrics to make these tugs, to keep the price reasonable. The fabric is cut in the stretchy direction with the exception of one group of tugs made in greys and white. These were cut in the non-stretchy direction, and are even stronger than the regular ones. I have four left to sell, and they are $7.00 each.

Again, these are for interactive & motivational play. Please use responsibly and don't leave dog unattended with his or her HandleTug. With proper use you can expect your dog to get a lot of pleasure from these toys.

I've added a few photos below as examples. Please disregard the numbers as many of these tugs may already be sold.

for a list of colors available, or for a custom color order