FleeceCircus offers Hand-made Fleece  and Denim Pet Toys, Felt Ornaments, Pins and Magnets, and Bait Pocket Squeakers.
As with all fleece pet products, care should be taken to see that your pet does not chew off and swallow pieces of the fleece. Fleece is very strong, but it is still fabric, and can not stand up to destructive pets.
 My toys are machine washable, and designed for motivational and interactive play between pet and owner. These are not toys that should be left with the dog unattended unless your dog is not destructive and respects his or her toys.
The KittyBalls may be the exception.
 I have yet to see a cat who could tear one up, but there are no guarantees.
Feel free to browse the links and contact me if something strikes your fancy. The prices listed do not include shipping and handling, but fleece is very light weight, and shipping is reasonable.
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Last update:  March 2012
Want to see more?
(Many new creations
that never
make it to this site!)
As of January 2010 I
have branched out into
other fabrics for some
of my toys, mostly my
CAT toys.
I often use felt, cotton,
or upcycled fabrics
in addition to, or
in combination with
my fleece.
Many of my unique
are generously
filled with 100%
You can check these out
at my Etsy Shop,
where they reside
until sold.
(Link above disclaimer.)
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Feb.15, 2010
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Flash!! New!!
(and too cute!)
Heart-felt Dog Designs offers:
Dog breed designs totally handmade from felt in the form of ornaments, refrigerator magnets, hair barrettes, brooches [lapel pins], and "Squeakquels".....pocket sized dog-breed ornaments that double as bait pocket squeakers for the show ring.
All HEART-FELT designs are dual-duty except the hair barrettes. Each item has a hanger or a ring sewn in place to allow it to become a unique ornament for your Christmas tree.
Each design is unique. Most are 'caricatures' or cartoons, but a few choice designs are more realistic.
Custom work available. If I don't have your breed....ask and I will try to design something especially for you.
**Bear in mind....felt does not work for all breeds.
See below for examples:
Even NEWER!!!

Hair Barrettes!

Hand-made from felt
Many breeds in stock
Ask about custom orders!
Beagle magnet
Basenji magnet
Brooches (lapel pins)
Notice! All pins can be converted to magnets if desired.
Sheltie/Collie "Squeakquel"