(Please read carefully)

Disclaimer #1. I shop for my fleece in the remnant bin to keep the costs down.

Most print fleece patterns range in price from $10 to $16 per yard, when not on sale. In order to offer my fleece items at a reasonable price, I have to look for bargains of $3 to $4 per yard. Anything above that HAS to raise the prices of the items...especially since I use premium, super-thick fiber fill, and my snooty sewing machine turns it nose up at cheap thread!

It's rare to get a price by-the-yard that enables me to buy large pieces, so many of my handmade fleece items are one-of-a-kind. On the plus side, sometimes I find gorgeous remnants in the $3.00 bin that retailed originally for top dollar....it's all the luck of the draw.

Depending on the size of the item, occasionally the remnants I find will be large enough to make two or more beds/mats of the same fabric.

Regretfully, I can not produce them in bulk. I will try to make sure I have mentioned whether or not it's the only one. Be sure to check the text carefully, so you won't be disappointed.

Unfortunately, the prettiest fleece patterns seem to be discontinued quickly, so it's also difficult to find the same thing twice, even if the buyer is willing to add the retail price of that fabric to the cost of the item...but don't rule that possibility out.

#2. All products shown on this site are subject to prior sale.

I have a store on Etsy, where most of my items will also be listed. This link will take you directly to my store, where a lot of items not shown on my website reside until sold.

I occasionally set up a booth at a dog show or agility trial.

I try to keep track of what has sold and immediately remove it from both this site and Etsy, but I may not always get it right. For that reason, any item you might like to purchase MAY have already been sold, but I will do my best to keep mistakes to a minimum.

Disclaimer #3. Perfection is not in my repertoire.

I am trying to work with a fabric with an 'attitude'and a will of it's own. I take great pains to mark my quilt lines with fabric pencils (which DOES wash off by the way) and use pins by the pound, and STILL that fleece will slip, pull away and stretch while I'm s-l-o-w-l-y trying to follow those lines. Please don't look too closely. Your pet won't.

Disclaimer #4. I'm slow as mud.

Sorry, but I don't do rush orders, because I can't even rush to the bathroom. (which at my age is not a good thing.) I can manage an average of one cat or dog bed per day, on a good day. If you want a specific size pet bed, it might take me a week to get a chance to work on it, but I will do the very best I can to get it to you in a timely manner.

Thank you so much for your understanding in these matters.