Custom Orders

My fleece [and felt] fetish is my hobby, and selling a few pieces here and there...is gravy. While I will do custom orders on a limited basis, I can not do large orders on someone else's time schedule. I certainly wish I COULD crank these offerings out at lightening speed....(I might actually make more than $4 an hour!)...but sadly...I'm just plain SLOW.

I also have a lot of other irons in the fire, and can usually only fit in fabric work during the winter months, or on rainy days. (And in the last two summers, we have had about three rainy days.)

I will do my best to fill small orders at any time of year, but may have to have at least a week to finish a project.

I sorry I can not promise specific colors or patterns, but if I am to keep the costs down I must purchase remnants and sale fabric.
I will, however, be glad to add the cost of more expensive fabric to my original prices if desired.

If I'm asked to make custom breed magnets, brooches or squeaker ornaments, there is a possibility that I won't be able to come up with a satisfactory pattern on some breeds. I'm willing to try, but if *I* don't like it, I won't sell it.

**note: ALL breed items are 'double duty' and can be used as ornaments.

Here are a few examples of patterns I have on hand.

Rottweiler puppy Squeaker/ornament
Husky Squeaker Ornaments
Basset Puppy Magnet Ornament
Berner puppy magnet/ornament