As mentioned elsewhere, I designed these fleece cat balls when I realized that our cat, Killer.....

.....could tear up any commercially made ball we bought her. She's very picky about her toys, and small, soft and fluffy balls, are her favorite.

I got tired of picking tiny bits of yarn out of the carpet, so when I started making fleece throws, and found out how tough this fabric is, I just knew I could come up with a Killer-Proof toy.

After a few failed prototypes, I came up with the product I now consider to be my best effort. And so far, Killer has not destroyed a single one.

The balls all start out the same width, and approximately the same length, but don't always wind up the same diameter. KittyBalls range from 1.5" to 2.5", and because the smaller they end up the more work went into them....they all cost the same.

They are priced at $1.50 each, 5 for $6.00, and 10 for $10.00 (obviously, the best bargain.)

Each ball takes anywhere from a half hour to an hour to make, so my 'profit' per piece is negligible. Fortunately, they are fun and relaxing to make, and I can construct them while watching my favorite TV shows.

And best of all...."Killer" can't KILL them!