As you may have read elsewhere on this site...I started out making KittyBalls for Killer....trying to find something she couldn't demolish. The first balls were made from tiny individual strips, cut from scraps and sewed together by hand. They lasted far longer than store-bought balls, but eventually wound up in chunks. I learned from my mistakes and designed a much more durable 'model' which I also make in 3 sizes for dogs. While I started out using scraps from throws, the PuppyBall venture got too big for that and I had to start haunting the remnant tables for attractive colors and patterns.

I price my PuppyBalls by the inch. That is the width of the strips I cut in the beginning, not necessarily the diameter of the finished product. Some types of fleece are thicker than others, and this influences not only the denseness of the ball, but how deep it must be cut to make it as round as possible.

What this means in fewer words....all sizes are approximate.

Check the links below for the colors I have available in each size. If you see something you like, there is a
link on each page.

Once again.....(in case you skipped the info on the front page)....these are "INTERACTIVE" toys, designed for the owner to play WITH their dog. It is not recommended that these toys be left with any dog unattended.

They are machine washable and dryable. The manufacturer recommends cold water and a cool dryer.